In a note passed to friends, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim revealed that a book entitled ANWAR IBRAHIM: The ASIAN TRIAL OF THE CENTURY is being published by the Prime Minister's Department. The Prime Minister, Dr.Mahathir Muhamad and his  most trusted Finance Minister, Tun Daim Zainuddin are believed to have put their minds and power together for distribution of this book overseas.

The book which is believed to be already with the printers has a very distinguishing cover design with similar layout, same photograph of Anwar Ibrahim and even the  fonds type and size are not different from Anwar Ibrahim's own book the ASIAN RENAISSANCE.The reason is not difficult to find: to decieve the public into believing that this ASIAN the ASIAN RENAISSANCE!!!!!Beware,...the book The ASIAN TRIAL is a fraud!!

According to sources from The Prime Minister's Department itself, who released the cover design of The ASIAN TRIAL to Anwar,the contents of the book are merely heresays, slanders and allegations to support Mahathir's court action against Anwar. The publication of this book and its distribution overseas will hope to be able to discredit Anwar's popular and strong international support from heads of governments,financial institutions, ngos and most importantly the foreign investors.Mahathir is launching an extensive international Public Relations campaign to boost his image and credibility....of course at the expense of justice for Anwar.Even at Davao recently, the interest on Anwar Ibrahim predominated Mahathir's press conferences!! Mahathir's cynical remarks and sarcasm did not win any applause!!! That familiar arrogant-snide face  was seen on  tv smiling ...alone!!!

The ASIAN a fake!!! attempt by Mahathir and his cronies to wash their hands of the dirt and guilt that they have caused the people of Malaysia to suffer!!!The ASIAN a justification for the dictatorship of Mahathir!!The ASIAN yet another attempt to cover-up Mahathir's sins against the rakyat!!!!By mobilising the Prime Minister's Department,...unhesitatingly exploiting government officers and machinery...the publication of this book is an abuse of political power and government's fund!!! This is the real  corruption !!!!!The corrupt powers of Mahathir!!!