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Special Letter to Malaysians

My fellow Malaysians,

This is the time for you to stand up against Malaysia's modern dictator
and ruthless leader, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. An authoritarian who only
thinks of himself, family members and cronies. Mahathir has violated
all the legal norms that we Malaysians cherish. The country's Bar Council,
Deans and Professors of our law schools and our respected retired judges,
for the first time in our legal history conclusively agreed that Mahathir
had trampled the country's constitution and now submits only to his whims
and fancies. He is fortunate to be able to do all this with the support and
collaboration of two corrupt figures, the highly emotional and easily
panicked Inspector General of Police (IGP) and the Attorney General. The
IGP and AG are as enthusiastic as PM Mahathir to finish Anwar's
political career because they know that Anwar knows too well of their
misdeeds and corrupt practices.

Mahathir who is definitely in the final lapse of his premiership is
getting agitated and behaving like the late Shah of Iran. He is now
surrounded by loyal and staunch but corrupt sycophants. Daim,
the culprit behind all this, is corrupt to the core. How did he amass
wealth up to RM 20 billion if he is not corrupt? For us Malaysians, RM
20 billion is a lot of money. Mohamad Rahmat is also very corrupt. He
receives millions of dollars from Ghanalingam, the person who
monopolises the supply of films to RTM. Mustapha Mohamad, the so-called
"Clean Minister" also amassed his fortune through acquisition of land in
Pulau Carey near Pelabohan Kelang (Port Klang). His brothers are also
very rich.

The newly appointed governor of Bank Negara, Ali Abdul Hassan, who
faithfully carries Mahathir and Daim's order is also very corrupt. When
his EPU office was raided by ACA recently on Dato' Seri Anwar's instructions,
they found in his possession RM 100,000 cash, which he could not explain.
He asked his friend from Wisma Putra to admit that the cash was a loan
extended to him. But on ACA's pressure, this Wisma Putra friend of his
admitted that he never advanced any money to Ali Abdul Hassan. From
here, ACA raided 15 companies including a few belonging to Daim's cronies
and this quite naturally drew Mahathir's wrath, despite the fact that he
originally consented on Dato' Seri Anwar's order for the investigation. The
highly respected Chief Secretary to government (KSN) KSN also gave his
blessing to ACA's investigation.

Before I end this note, let me also remind you not be deceived by
Abdullah Badawi's image as "Mr. Clean". Abdullah is not clean at all.
When he was Minister of Education and Defence did you remember and know
who benefited from the ministries awesome budget? The answer: his late
father-in-law, Dato' Mahmood. He milked hundreds of millions of dollars
and this was passed to Abdullah for his political campaign. This was
confirmed by his closest adviser, Shagul Hamid in a private conversation
with his close friends.

Similarly with Ghani Othman, formerly a mere lecturer (not even an
Associate Professor). When he was the College Master of Kolej Pertama
Universiti Malaya it was the only college (out of 8 colleges) which was
always in the red. He misused college funds to the tune of hundreds of
thousands of dollars (that's a lot of money for a college which charged RM5
per day per student) to renovate his (masters) house and his sister-in-law's
(Rohana) apartment. When he became Menteri Besar (MB) he spent a few
million ringgit to renovate his official residence, Saujana. Mahyuddin who
was MB for 2 terms did not spend a single cent to renovate it. Two years ago
Ghani bought 4 acres of a strategic piece of land adjacent to Universiti
Tenaga at RM4 million. Where did he get all this money? If you sum up his
monthly salaries, I don't think he is able to buy this land.

Many more stories about our leaders to come. Malaysians, WAKE UP! Don't
let Mahathir, his cronies and blind supporters forever dupe and mislead
My fellow Malaysians,

As promised, I am now presenting you one major misdeed of Dr. Mahathir
which contribute to the break-up of his relationship with his ex-deputy
Anwar Ibrahim.

About 2 years ago, Mahathir instructed his blue-eyed ‘boy’ Rashid
Hussain to submit a proposal for a major privatisation project named
National Health Insurance Scheme. The scheme would make it obligatory
for each and every able bodied Malaysian to contribute an certain amount
of money per month and in return he doesn’t have to worry much of his
health bill. If fully implemented, the company given the privatisation project
would collect a hefty RM10 billion a year. Rashid Hussain, probably due to
his many commitments and obligations submitted a proposal which was not
to the liking of EPU. According to EPU sources, he submitted a proposal very
much similar to the one practised by our neighbouring country.

When EPU’s displeasure of Rashid Hussain’s proposal became known to
others, one group of highly experienced insurance practitioners (led by
a gentleman by the name of Rashid) submitted a convincingly workable
proposal to EPU. This group, for lack of accessibility and connection approached
Baharin Ayob, a close partner of Tan Sri Ali Abul Hassan, D.G. of EPU. Bahrin
took them to see T.S. Ali who came with the proposal that T.S. Ali (through his
company) would take 30%, Bahrin 40% and the group that proposed 30%. The
group had no choice but to accept the very much reduced figure of 30% because
they "did not know anybody" and powerless. The proposal was submitted by a
newly formed company known as Al-Kawthar with Bahrin as its chairman and
promoter. Tan Sri Ali, in his capacity as D.G. of EPU took a personal interest in
the project and proposal but as time passed by became greedy and kicked out
the original group, which in order to prepare the proposal spent approximately
RM2 million from their own purse.

The group became frustrated but did not easily give up. Their solution
to their problem were:-

Took the matter to the court and claim copyright to the original
proposal submitted to EPU.
Brought Mirzan, Mahathir’s son into the new consortium. The new
consortium proposed would divide the cake in the following proportion:
Rashid and group as original promoter 40%, Mokhzani 25% and Rashid
Hussain 25%.

Mokhzani was excited about the matter because out of the blue and
without spending a single cent, he would get 25%.

Tan Sri Ali Abul Hassan was mad about the matter (and) not knowing
Mirzan’s involvement wrote a long letter to PM Mahathir and recommended
Al-Kawthar (minus Rashid, the original promoter) to be awarded the project.
Mahathir agreed to the proposal. When Mirzan knew of Tan Sri Ali’s move,
he was mad and complained to his father and demanded that Tan Sri Ali
be investigated for corruption case. Mahathir agreed and asked the Director
General of Anti Corruption Agency (ACA), Dato’ Shafie, to check with Dato’
Seri Anwar Ibrahim, whether he would agree to investigate Tan Sri Ali. Upon
knowing that PM consented to the investigation, Dato’ Seri Anwar instructed
Tan Sri Ali to be investigated.

In the meantime, Mirzan had quietly instigated Rashid and group to
officially complain to ACA of Tan Sri Ali’s corrupt practice. Rashid and
group consulted KSN for advice and the latter did not object if Rashid
would like to make a formal report to ACA.

Dato’ Seri Anwar was furious when ke knew that Mirzan was behind all
this. He asked ACA to step up investigation of Tan Sri Ali and at the
same time in not many words showed his displeasure with Mirzan’s
involvement. His comment was "cukuplah Mirzan". Mirzan knew of Anwar’s
displeasure and complained to his mother about the matter. His mother
was said to be very angry with Anwar’s remark.

Not long after, Mahathir ordered the investigation be stopped. The
ACA, in the process of investigation of Tan Sri Ali uncovered many
"hanky pankies" which involved PM & Daim’s close associates. Mirzan’s
involvement was known to Anwar.

Now the project is shelved for the time being. With Anwar not around and
when everything is quiet, the project will be given to Mirzan and Daim’s
cronies. Daim has already made known his interest in this major privatisation
project. He even ordered the Commercial Crime Division to investigate Rashid’s
involvement in the original proposal. This is basically to scare Rashid with the
hope that he will withdraw from pursuing the matter.

Mahathir and Daim will definitely share the cake as it is too big to
miss it. It involves billions of  ringgit. MCA and MIC will probably be
given some share to please the Chinese and Indian communities.

With Anwar no longer around to stop Mahathir and Daim to distribute the
spoils to his family members and cronies and with both of them now
controlling the levers of power, Malaysians will only be seeing from a
distance how the nation’s wealth is plundered.

My fellow Malaysians, I really pity you. We really need clean leaders as
well as REFORMASI.

My fellow Malaysians,

The time has come for us to stand up and revolt against the most corrupt
Prime Minister in the history of Malaysia. The Germans could dump
Chancellor Helmut Kohl for the simple reason he was at the helm of power
for too long (16 years) and not because he was corrupt or inefficient.
There is every compelling reason for us to also dump Mahathir who not
only has been there for 17 years already but lately has been behaving
truly like an authoritarian and a dictator who is bringing the country
into the abyss of destruction. We must put a halt to his stewardship as
he has committed major sins that we are not prepared to forgive. For the
sake of the nation and party (in the case of UMNO members) people should
revolt now and should not wait further as this can spell disaster to the country.

One major sin of Mahathir which is public knowledge is his enrichment of
his family members and here he is worst that Suharto. Suharto, from what
we know only enriched his children but in the case of Mahathir not only his
children who benefited immensely but also his brothers, sisters, nephews, etc.
His children are board members of 200 companies (if you do not believe check
with ROC) and shareholders of a great number of major companies. If one
company pays RM2000 monthly as board fee (a very conservative figure) then
the Mahathir children easily collect RM400,000 a month. Meaning, if equally
shared, Marina, Mokhni, Mukhriz and Mirzan gets RM100,000 each for doing

This is why during one weekend lunch not long after the downfall of
Suharto, when Datin Asmah suggested Mahathir should seriously consider
resigning gracefully before being kicked out by the people, all the children
(except Marina) objected the suggestion. They knew very well without daddy
around they would miss all these opportunities. I don't have to mention the
many big companies controlled by his children as this is well-known. We all
know who controls MISC, Pantai Medical Centre, etc. Another information that
not many people (Muslims in particular) know is that the company, Transmile
Sdn Bhd which has been given the exclusive license to carry passengers
to Mecca during haj season belongs to Mirzan. This is "sure" money because the
planes are full of passengers. The exclusive right was given to him by Tabung Haji
whose chairman is Dato' Ahmad Razali, Datin Asmah's brother and the most
corrupt ex-MB of Selangor. (For the information of Muslim passengers, the planes
used to carry them were certified not fit to travel).

Mahathir has given projects (if you total up all of them) worth billions
of dollars to Datin Zaleha Ali (already 80 years old and should be
spending her time praying, etc. to God), Jaffar Ali (please look at the
profile of his architectural firm; you will be shocked to see the number
of projects given by
Mahathir), General (Ret.) Hashim (the Sukom chief - in the words of one
senior Sukom official, the money he made from the 'gift' given by
Mahathir could last for a few generations) and not to mention Ahmad
Razali himself (who is going to destroy Tabong Haji).

The list is endless. As to his nephews, please check what Dr. Aminudin
Rose and Azlan Razali got. You wouldn't believe it (I hope to reveal
many more after this).

In addition, Datin Asmah is also making tons of money through a company
based in Subang Jaya. The job of this company is only to collect
commissions. Major projects are given to the company and it will then be
passed to companies which are prepared to pay 5% commission of the value
of the project. If you are lucky, you can negotiate and pay only 3% (the
Manager will tell you subject to mama's approval).

Mahathir has been too long in power and finds the seat too comfortable.
He would use anybody as long as this will prolong his stay. He used Musa
Hitam as Musa was immensely popular among the Malay nationalists but
refused to dump Tengku Razaleigh (despite Musa's insistence) to neutralise
Musa's influence. He knew both Sanusi and Dollah Badawi were rising stars
in UMNO but he did not want any one of them to be too strong to later pose a
challenge to him. He therefore brought in Anwar Ibrahim. Both Dollah and
Sanusi were traditional enemies of Anwar right during their 'youth' days.
Sanusi, as President of MAYC aspired to be the President of MYC but never
materialised as Anwar was already entrenched in the organisation since his
student days.Dollah who was once GPMS's President could not swallow the fact
that GPMS always trailed behind Anwar's PKPIM / ABIM.

Mahathir's approach in politics as openly admitted by him in 1987 during
the Kelantan UMNO state Liaison committee meeting that politics is
basically "divide and rule". To survive in politics, he contends, a
leader has to practice this policy well. Everybody thought he was merely
expressing an opinion but in actuality he faithfully practiced it. Truly he is a
Marchiavellian and he is showing it now.

Now he is bringing back Tengku Razaleigh into the fold after realising
Anwar was too strong a deputy. He admitted of Anwar's growing political
strength to his close friends like Ananda Krishnan and Vincent Tan.
He has sidelined Sanusi at national level as Sanusi has already served
him well in 1980s. And now he is again promoting Dollah Badawi and
gradually bringing Tengku Razaleigh into the party mainstream. He now c
ontacts Tengku Razaleigh 3-4 times a week. But all the three are not reliable.
But deep in his heart, he does not forget Dollah Badawi who in 1987 called
him a liar and a great dictator (please refer to newspaper cuttings at that time)
and Najib who is always a lalang (not reliable). As to Tengku, it would be a major
mistake if he thinks Tengku has forgotten what he had done to him.
Tengku keeps on telling his close lieutenants (who still cannot
forget and forgive Mahathir) that to be close to Mahathir is part of his
grand strategy to make a comeback but when he captures power, he would
go after Mahathir, even Mahathir is already dead! Indeed, he has never
forgiven Mahathir! Mahathir would definitely pay a price for his many
misdeeds for he has humiliated too many people during his tenureship as

He humiliated Musa, Dato Harun, Johan Jaffar, Ahmad Nazri, Ahmed Sebi,
Rahim Dahlan and now Anwar Ibrahim. He is truly a man with no heart.
These are the people who helped him to become "great" and what he is
today. Musa's service to him is too well-known. Similarly if not because
of Dato Harun's help he would still be in political limbo. Johan Jaffar and
Ahmad Nazri, the 2 prominent journalists played crucial roles in moulding
a favourable public opinion of him. Ahmad Sebi, a super rich man now in
Daim's team was once put in prison (the Operasi Lalang in 1987 and released
on Anwar's intervention) by Mahathir despite his important role in ensuring
Mahathir's victory against Tengku Razaleigh (Team B). He was the financial
director of Team A. In short, Mahathir is really a crook, truly a man without
conscience and feelings, and only thinks highly of himself.

Fellow Malaysians, the time has come for us to speak our mind, to show
our anger at Mahathir Mohamad. Malaysia is a beautiful country with her
peace loving people. But now the good name of the country is dirtied and
tarnished by Mahathir. Anywhere in the world today you will get news about
Malaysia being prominently printed in front page or strategic middle pages of
all major newspapers in the world - and all give a very negative picture of
Malaysia. Mahathir is viewed by these major dailies as an authoritarian and
dictator who is destroying Malaysia's good name. If you don't believe
Australian, British, French and American media for the allegedly bias
coverage of Malaysia, as Mahathir used to say, then read major Arab newspapers
such as al-Ahram, Arab News, Saudi Gazette, etc.

He is seen in the Middle East as a devil / satan. You don't have to go
far - read all the major newspapers in Asean countries then you will
find how disgraceful Mahathir is to them. Are these Middle Eastern and
Asean dailies envious of Malaysia's so called "success". I don't think so.

My fellow Malaysians, Mahathir, despite his good name and stature as a
statesman, etc, is no longer the Mahathir we were once proud of. The
many years he took to nurture and build his image (with the help of Satchi
& Satchi, of course) had gone into the drain and he needs now another 15
years to repair it. Are we prepared to give him the opportunity again? From
what he has done to Dato Seri Anwar, he has clearly descended to the level
of clay (ie. our origin) and clearly shows he has acceded to the whispering of
the evil satans (ie. Daim Zainudin, Megat Junid, Sanusi Junid, Dollah Badawi,
Ghaffar Baba, Rahim Tambi Chik and Aziz Shamsudin). It is a great pity that
Mahathir who had an excellent relationship with Anwar Ibrahim was prepared
to destroy his good name simply to protect these evil satans. I am sure he
regrets for the whole of his life!

Now because of that stupid and fateful decision (to sack Anwar), he has
spread evil, sin, transgression, corruption and confusion in the
society. His actions shows his insolence towards God, fleeing from the
country's constitution and speaking of Malaysians in a disrespectful tone
(as if we are all idiots).

We should not allow this stubborn man (he is known for this!) to remain
in his error and we must be brave to put a halt to the total transgression
and confusion he has created. Don't allow him to continue leading the
country as he will leave legacies (political, economic, social, etc) that contain
elements which are destructive to the country.

I am not exaggerating but merely stating a fact that Mahathir is a fraud
who disregards truth and rule of law, who persists in acts of wrong
doing, who believes in his limitless ingenuity but in actuality is so
deficient in intellect and has a defective brain. He has cut-off from
society and does not understand the profound awareness among the people
that he is no longer wanted and his days are numbered. He mistakenly
believes people still want him. It is a mistake, it is a tragedy to
Malaysians. Indeed Mahathir is coming to the end of the road. In the
eyes of the world he is now totally discredited. His position is like a
wallpaper which sticks to a cracked wall. He will fall down soon. He may
have done many things for Malaysia and has rubbed shoulders with
Thatcher, Lee Kuan Yew, Suharto and seen off the lot of them. And now
his time may at last be up. In fact, the chances are that Mahathir is finished.

He is not able to sought out the economic mess the country is facing.
His skills as an economist are zero. He is a figure of the past. That's
why he cannot accept Anwar because Anwar is a new
Malaysian who is rejecting the burden of the past. History will not be
generous with him. Hidup Reformasi!

My fellow Malaysians,

As mentioned in my previous writings, it is time for Mahathir to leave
the political scene and we Malaysians must revolt against him, pressure
him to leave and must not rest until he leaves.

It is unfortunate that Malaysians have been deprived of correct
information on what is happening in our society lately. Our media -
electronic or print - have only been telling the public what Mahathir
wants to listen. Our media completely blacked out foreign news about our
country. Let me tell you of what has been given wide coverage abroad.

1. Prime Minister Howard of Australia twice attacked Mahathir for
    detaining Anwar and by doing so is inching towards authoritarianism and
    dictatorship. Mahathir responded by saying Howard is also a dictator.
2. President Joseph Estrada of the Philippines made an off-the-cuff
    statement criticising Mahathir's handling of his friend, Anwar. The
    statement was fully supported by senior senators of the Philippines
    Congress who believed that the Philippine nation should stand up against
    Mahathir and urged other countries not to keep quiet under the cloak of Asian
3. President Habibie of Indonesia has also voiced concern of the way
    Mahathir handled Anwar's case. He said one should not forget of Anwar's
    great contribution to Malaysia. He said he would
    consult parliament whether to attend the APEC summit in Malaysia.
4. The New York Times in its editorial note urged Clinton to openly
    demand in KL the release of Anwar when he attends the next APEC meeting
    in KL.
5. People are regularly protesting in KL in open defiance of Mahathir
    and the police but this is not reported in any of our country's media.
    People demonstrate in Merdeka Square, a few times in mosques and in
    front of Istana Negara and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. All these are
    shown clearly by CNN, TCS, BBC, etc but never showed in Malaysia. We can
    easily conclude that support for Anwar is gaining momentum despite a
    total blackout by our controlled media.
6. All mosques in the four provinces in Southern Thailand performed
    Solat-al-Hajat praying for Anwar's safety and victory. This news was
    splashed all over the world.
7. All major newspapers in the world give a daily coverage on the
    situation in Malaysia and the essence of the news is very clear i.e.
   i.    Mahathir is arrogant, authoritarian and unjust
   ii.   Anwar is innocent and victimised by Mahathir's political
   iii.  Mahathir is afraid of facing Anwar in next year's UMNO General
   iv.  Mahathir has brought worldwide shame to the country
    v.  Despite Mahathir's apparent humility, he exhibits a lust for power
        similar to Marcos and Suharto.
My fellow Malaysians, I know it is not easy for you to go to the street
with the present state of fear in Malaysia. But you can do something to
show your anger and rejection of Mahathir and that is to spread my series
of letters to as many people as possible.  End.