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In what has to be the lowest-of-low in the dirty tricks department, our source within the Police has advised us of the latest strategy being adopted to both discredit and to divide the Reformasi movement. This strategy is believed to have been the personal brainchild of Mahathir himself.

If you thought that the Police tactics of being heavy handed against peaceful demonstrators was appalling, you will be sickened to hear their new strategy - already commenced and with more to come..... **UNLESS** all Reformasi activists are awareof the tactic being used against the movement, and take appropriat counter-measures to deal with it.

Many people around the world were dismayed to see the protests last week degenerate into wilful property damage. The most widely reported incident was of a Police motorcycle having been set alight. This has even disturbed Reformasi activists, as has been evidenced by discussions in newsgroups this week. Many were calling for protest meetings top be abandoned to prevent an "Indonesia-style" situation growing.

Our Police source tells us that this has been a DELIBERATE ploy.The motorcycle was set on fire by Secret Service operatives. It was *NOT* done by protestors. You will note that, even though the incident was captured on film for all the world to see last weekend, none of the arrests following the protest were related to the property damage. This was just the first taste. The Secret Service are planning on parading as Reformasi demonstrators again this weekend, and will carry out MORE property damage.

Their motivations are:

*) Discredit the Reformasi demonstrators, as being dangerous people, thus justifying Mahathir's instructions to the Police to be mercyless in breaking up the (otherwise) peaceful demonstrations;

*) Create division within the Reformasi movement itself, in order to weaken the ranks of the Reformasi supporters.

*) When other people follow the "lead" and participate in property destruction, more arrests with very serious charges would be laid. Such charges will not only be against the Reformasi activists who fall for the ploy and join in the property destruction, but also against leaders of the protest gatherings for their role in "inciting" such damage.


In all probability, the strategy would work, if our source hadn't advised us of what was happening. We hereby advise all readers to:

a) Print this newsletter out and give it to all people known to participate in the protest gatherings, so that they will all be aware of the ploy. Do this *BEFORE* the weekend.

b) Don't participate in any violence (other than to the limited extent necessary for self-defence)

c) Don't "follow the lead" and participate in any property damage.

d) Take pocket cameras with you to the rallies. Take photos of people in the act of vandalism and property damage. Scan those photos and send them to us. We will circulate them with this newsletter in order for all readers to try and identify the Secret Service operatives involved, and have them exposed.