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20 November 1998

Tan Sri Musa said the government should meet demonstrators of the reform movement to find out what they wanted. He noted a gap between the traditional Malays and modern Malays who had enjoyed the fruits of economic growth and modernisation - the traditional Malays were more humble and obedient while... The modern Malays were more confident and dared to question.


Ever since US Vice President Al Gore made his speech in APEC, the local pro-government media NST has literally turned into a daily newspaper against Al Gore and whatever he represents.

In the followings, we, the silent majority of Malaysians presents to you what NST has failed to print.
(1) The silent majority need NOT necessarily support the newspaper stand against US. After all, true peace-loving Malaysians are against hostility. Wise businessmen also will not bad-mouth a potentially good trading partner after a fews words of opinion. Afterall, they are subjected to their own views just like us. You simply cannot keep a customer when you start to run down his perception on your store-front.

(2) Do not make things worst by endorsing demonstartions on the street outside the US embassy! Two wrongs cannot make one right. On one hand, we are hearing the Govenment critisizing demonstrators day and night prior to the APEC, and now after the speech, more demonstrations by Government related political parties are planned.Business of the silent majority are bound to go down the drain again.

(3) Putting up names of people (only a handful) who are against the speech. What is the point? You can find tonnes of names too if you want for people in Malaysia who are the silent majority that wish the business environment is condusive for US to come and trade with us again (in a big way just like 1993).

(4) Before talking about someone 'kurang ajar' and 'kurang ilmu', we must first look at the mirror. It will not be hard to learn that Al Gore will behave the way he did. It is a natural American way of freedom and speak without fear. Certainly they must have done their homework before come here to speak, and do not under- estimate how CIA and FBI can gather informations. Please dont be naive to say they are lack of actual facts. The real people who are 'kurang ilmu' must be those who only reads NST and nothing else. Truebut maybe hard for Kadir Jasin to swallow the truth.

(5) Come on, no one is here to colonize us in this modern age. Before you know, we are all the while being 'colonized' by our own kind, the belove Made-In-Malaysian longest serving PM. Anything that affects business is not welcome by the silent majority and must go. If that is wrong, be it, because that is what the silent majority wants. The silent majority wants to be rich just like the noisy minority, who are rich, day and night talking nothing but absolute rubbish in controlled media.

(6) Noordin is making a fuss of himself by advertising full page. Still rich enough to throw away advertising money just like that while the silent majority are suffering, or is the page sponsored by NST because of vested interest? It claimed that Noordin is not a politician, do not want to play politics, but the facts remain that since he is a Tan Sri and he holds a position in the institute related to Government, he is indeed an interest party here who can be classified as crony, or if you do not like, use the word, privileged minority.

(7) The silent majority do not wish the two fraction of noisy minority, be it pro-A or pro-M, to carry out actions that may
affect the country, as we are the real patriotic and brave Malaysians. The most drastic actions that we will take is up to the extent of letters like this.

(8) Ever since the 'black-eye' turn out in Public, the silent majority who has voted in the present Government are no longer solidly behind it. It is too violent and not acceptable as a Malaysian act. We want peace and fairplay, not animal acts or tic-for-tac kind of unprofessionalism while dressed in uniform.
          Hidup Anwar.
          Hidup Kebenaran.
          Hidup Keadilan.