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20th October, 1998
Mokhzani Mahathir
Sri Perdana,
Jalan Damansara,
Kuala Lumpur

Dear Mokh,

You and I have made a separate peace. You may have made it easy and I, otherwise. This is not the issue here but as a friend, my duty is to advise.

It has been good to be in the civilisation built upon your family, your brothers and sisters and Iím certain that you love them all especially your parents with undivided love. At a time such as this your love and support is more requiredÖ
I tried to write earlier but found the greatest difficulty aside from knowing the truth and what the truth can really feel for you and your family.

As a friend, Iím suppose to feel and was taught to feel about you and your family but also the rest of the people, some my friends, some family, others strangers but still the people of this great nation of ours. If I were to write the actual facts which produced the emotion of the people and their experiences, the real things that you might not even know which would have been a valid reason in a year or 10 years, for what they care. They will definitely get rid of the man whom they said have created the death of democracy and this man Iím talking about is non- other than your dad.

Iím certain that you are also aware that so many things have been done by your dad to destroy the juridical safeguards of individual freedom as the striving after the elimination of our brother Anwar. In short thereís no longer social justice.

Furthermore, the inflation derived from this economic turmoil we currently face will sooner or later intensify the already extensive
grudges of the people.
Inevitable that the policy created by your dad was intended to prevent the downfall of the country, (including the Foreign Exchange Control Policy and the ĎBail-outí of preferred companies) I doubt it will work. Instead, it will draw more unemployment and this will definitely accelerate the countryís inflation.

Cowardice as distinguished from panic. It shows your dad has passed his prime time and simply show a lack of ability to sustain and function as a Prime Minister. Time is the least thing you and your family have now.
The world is a fine place and I hate very much to see all this happening beyond the imagination and if you are lucky, your dad may escape even from a brutal assassination from the ambush of the public to show you how much anger are there on the streets.
Mokh, you have got to go to the street yourself and ask the people or you will never know. Donít depend on the so-called official report. I guess that whatís left behind is for you to be brave and to tell your dad to step down.
Please tell him that his plan to remove brother Anwar as his deputy and successor has backfired. It would be silly for him to ignore that the whole government machinery has fumble beginning with the local media all the way to his officers of the Police Department and the officers of the AG Chambers.
The flaws in the system are too apparent now and none of the people will believe that the judiciary are spared from any discrepancies. I must tell you that the following people - Omar Chin (The Chief Justice, Eusoff Chinís brother), Toh Puan Datin Seri Rosaini Mustaffa (Eusoffís Chinís wife) and Mohamad Fozi Md. Zain (a partner in the firm of Eusoff Chinís wife) together with a few other legal firms and lawyers, have been branded as Ďtrial fixerí - they are able to influence the judgement of the court especially in high profile matters. These are the common knowledge of the public. Now you understand why nobody awaits the judgement of Anwarís case. The verdict has been premeditated and thatís what they believe.

All these matters make the people upset. Advice the same to your uncle Daim, Aziz Shamsuddin, Ghafar Baba, Abang Rahim Thamby Chik and others. They will all be driven into the same fold because of only one reason. The first law for a true leader is that he shall never dare utter an untruth, the second is that he shall suppress nothing that is true, moreover there shall be no suspicion or partially in his decision, or of malice. Remember this advice Ė it was your dadís. I also remember he used to say, " if I cannot walk safely in this country-without any protection, something is wrong with my leadership and the way of my administration."

Your dadís own good principals at one time, have been violated by himself and the people surrounding him. Do not blame others if he is no longer popular and accepted by the people. Accept this, dear friend.
Iím not condemning your dad. History has witnessed and testified to the goodness that he has done during the past. In reality I would suggest your family realise the importance of preserving this good memory.

Donít let all these good things go down. Democracy should be adhered and not pass into despotism. 

Beware Mokh, when the community of middle class citizens draw together what they want are changes. They are peaceful lots who believe nothing can be created from nothing. I think you know their verdict.

There should be no uses of force or violence. If violence and injury happens in handling the demonstrators, I believe at 73, your dad will be blamed of being senile and power-crazy. Remember the law is order, and good law is good order.

Mokh, as for brother Anwar, thanks to your dad, all of us now has watch him as a man in time of peril and in adversity, to see what kind of man he is. For then, the last word of truth is drawn from the depth of his heart and makes him stronger and the reality remains he is indeed a good leader to replace the other good leader whose time has already past.

To err is human. To accept oneís mistake is wisdom. Force without wisdom shall fall of its own weight.
I pray may God prevent any revolution. If it happens, I sincerely believe everyone in Malaysia will pay a great deal of price and the one who have the power to stop but still persist, will be the criminal and may God then let the punishment match the offence.
Yours truly,

Armira Isaac