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Soros, Mahathir, AlGore and Hitler

In the past few weeks, it is the first time in our history where the leader of a small country being critised by the leader from US who is known as the world superpower.

It started with Al Gore statements of the "brave Malaysian" that drew a full-page ads by supposedly the smart thinker of Dr M, Dr Noordin Sopieu. Then last Friday, Soros fired the 2nd US tomahawk to Dr M, "you better resign and release Anwar". And today, his chief of mischief, Sanusi called Soros as Hitler. Sanusi is recalling Soros as cruel as Hitler and will end the same fate as Hitler (He should be reminding Dr M that he is as cruel as Hitler and may end the same fate as him.)

Subsequently, there was this hot-cold shot of 1 million signatures drive to show support to Malaysia (but what it means is to Dr M). The campaign died by itself without any news as only in a couple of thousands signed up (Drs Sulaiman paid Kg Baru folks to sign and only few tens did it.)

There was this patriotic show/raise of flag on cars in KL. One café talk said that Mirzan had called his staff in one of his public IT companies to urge all of them to put a flag on their car because the flag signifies who support Dr M , our country leadership (it is for his father rather than country.)

As the famous subservient editor, Kadir Jasin put it in his last Sunday column, Other Thots, "we do not need foreigners to tell us what to do with our leaders and country." (it is very bad if Malaysian don't see our own big problem but the foreigners do)

There is one notable point missing which requires our thought .The key message is the similarity on leaders under criticism by another leaders. Interestingly these leaders involved possess the same league of characteristic. Look at Soros, Mahathir, Al Gore, and Hitlerů.

Can you find the similarity among them??? The answer is YES.

Soros destroyed the world financial market by its manipulation and speculation on the currency in UK, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Russia and latest Latin America. He took advantage of his immerse capital to run down the 3rd world developing country to make them weaker and poorer. He destabilized the country, created economic chaos, and turned from growth to stagflation and recession. He has taken basic right of the actual value of our money. His economic chaos caused us to bow to West especially US for the capital aid.

What is the difference between Soros and Mahathir?

Mahathir destroyed Malaysia's credibility in the eyes of the whole world. Malaysia is no more the same as before. Malaysia is no more respected as the 3rd world leader. Malaysia is known as the nation on trial. It is a known secret to everybody in the world on how Malaysia Injustice works as Justice and how Mahathir's covert political expedition kills his owns protégé using sex, lies and money.

Similarly to Soros who think he is not a sinner but the market is immoral, Mahathir never accept he is the crux of the national problem and others like Anwar is the sinner or the scapegoat. The foreign diplomats talk is Mahathir is the famous leader who blame others first and never admit his own mistakes.

His power greed has destabilised our country economically and politically. Economically, we are no longer on the foreigner's
investment radar in the short or medium term. We are wrong to expect any immediate capital injection is coming very soon. Politically, we lose our political stability and leadership continuity by his own misdeeds. UMNO is no longer a respectable party who can champion the Malay leadership in BN and the nation (Today, he declared he wants to appoint his 2nd man but he is afraid on Ku Li to challenge him next year.)

To continue my analogy what is the difference between Soros, Mahathir, Al Gore and Hitler?

They all have their hands dirty on this world. They destroyed their own nation through their own power greed,
self-interest and autocrat of their own right. They deprive the basic right of the people. They are the crux of the national problem. They deserve to be run down.

Malaysia political scene is reshaping into a new dimension with new faces of leadership. It is important for all the reformist to present a new credible solid leadership team to wrestle the UMNO and BN government. The new credible solid leadership team has to go beyond the current racial division but represent the new Malaysian for the 2000 with its objectives for justice, democracy and prosperity.